Friday, August 28, 2009

good and bad

it was on the 11/08/2009 when i set of for europ , it was my first time to sit in aplane how i flet like i was nearing heaven but it was all finne in the real world bring up they ,and when i begen to remember what my friends used to talk to me about the when one is in aplane you fill like you are with the almight thus every theing had to come to fullfillmentthat day.

when i was they i realied that the almight is greaterabove any other thing in the univrese so i first worshiped for some hours to tell him how great he was,so as we kept on move that night i also rememered stromme funndation east africa and christian sports contact all this organisations are in uganda east africa , i thanked them for the offered they give me to go to another nation called norway in europ.

in my life i sought that the plane was too enoying but it was all not very good becouse we riched atime when the plane was landing thats the time when i think every thing went wrong my ears were like going off my head was like empty so may the almight beless u amen.

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  1. its very intresting staying in acountry i never thought of living inn ,right from where i live and kia were i work but iam having avery big problem in norway were by i don't have any one to talk too when it's very cold,so my question goes to every norwagen out their that how do i make norwagen friends in this country where one minds about his or her business

    and right now i am having avery good time with my boss espani,this is astitution where he tells me not to call him boss because he says that for them in norway they have bosses yes but they have abelive that no one is above the other,so here it's like they are no boss which makes work very interesting than uganda were boss are like small gods at their work places,thus this is asay to all the ugandan bosses at work places that change before change can change you.for GOD and my country amen.